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Homer Shadowheart is an American Indian comedian from Cincinnati, OH. Remember the trail of tears? Well get ready for the trail of laughs! Ryan Singer  says of Homer

“Homer brings a subtlety and piercing sense of humor that not only points out his own insecurities, flaws, and fears, but also reminds the audience that at end of the day we’re all just people – it’s just that some of us have a longer history of getting screwed over Homer makes that funny.”

Homer has been called a good mix of Christopher Titus and Lenny Bruce, without the drugs, well unless you count ruffies, but who doesn’t like a good night’s sleep.When not doing stand-up you might have seen Homer online appearing in several videos. He can be seen in his own documentary, Enough Stones and it’s ongoing updates to actually acting in several short films. He also got some recognition in 2007 when he appeared on CNN Headline News as a correspondent asking questions to people in the streets of Cincinnati.

Homer Shadowheart’s act deals with life, religion, race and yes even ice cream cones.

Homer has opened for such greats as Russell Peters, Geoff  Tate and Heywood Banks